3D Eye Solutions is a content conversion service provider, developer and integrator for the 3D Stereo and Auto-stereo media industry. Armed with our 3D Reality Splitter™ Technology we provide conversion services for Cinema, Digital Signage and Home Theater markets. Our constant research and development on emerging technology allows us to integrate into existing and future production pipelines.  This ability increases the overall effectiveness and makes it cost effective to produce 3D. Our services consist of taking existing (Film libraries, commercials, advertisements, etc.)

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3D Eye Solutions delivers Quality, Efficiency and Reliability

  • Proprietary 3D Reality Splitter™ 2D to 3D Conversions for Stereo (left/right) and Auto-Stereoscopic formats.
  • Stereo and Multi-view Consulting and Integration
  • Multi-view Systems for Digital Signage.
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How to Buy

We have a wide range of configurations available. If you are interested in one of our integrated services please fill out our contact form.

If you are interested in purchasing consumer 3D Products for digital signage or are looking for custom built products for specific needs please contact us with specifications for proper bidding.

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